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2.18. Use and examples of ICONV and OCONV functions?

ICONV and OCONV functions are quite often used to handle data in Datastage.
ICONV converts a string to an internal storage format and OCONV converts an expression to an output format.
Iconv (string, conversion code)
Oconv(expression, conversion )

Some useful iconv and oconv examples:
Iconv("10/14/06", "D2/") = 14167
Oconv(14167, "D-E") = "14-10-2006"
Oconv(14167, "D DMY[,A,]") = "14 OCTOBER 2006"
Oconv(12003005, "MD2$,") = "$120,030.05"

That expression formats a number and rounds it to 2 decimal places:

Iconv and oconv can be combined in one expression to reformat date format easily:
Oconv(Iconv("10/14/06", "D2/"),"D-E") = "14-10-2006"

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