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2.19. ERROR 81021 Calling subroutine DSR_RECORD ACTION=2

Error message:
DataStage Repository Interface: Error calling subroutine: DSR_RECORD (Action=2); check DataStage is set up correctly in project Development (Internal Error (81021))
Datastage system help gives the following error desription:
SYS.HELP. 081021
MESSAGE.. dsrpc: Error writing to Pipe.

The problem appears when a job sequence is used and it contains many stages (usually more than 10) and very often when a network connection is slow.

Basically the cause of a problem is a failure between DataStage client and the server communication.

The solution to the issue is:
  • Do not log in to Datastage Designer using 'Omit' option on a login screen. Type in explicitly username and password and a job should compile successfully.
  • execute the DS.REINDEX ALL command from the Datastage shell - if the above does not help

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