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2.24. Can Datastage use Excel files as a data input?

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can be used as a data input in Datastage. Basically there are two possible approaches available:
  • Access Excel file via ODBC - this approach requires creating an ODBC connection to the Excel file on a Datastage server machine and use an ODBC stage in Datastage. The main disadvantage is that it is impossible to do this on an Unix machine. On Datastage servers operating in Windows it can be set up here:
    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC) -> User DSN -> Add -> Driver do Microsoft Excel (.xls) -> Provide a Data source name -> Select the workbook -> OK
  • Save Excel file as CSV - save data from an excel spreadsheet to a CSV text file and use a sequential stage in Datastage to read the data.

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