Pentaho Reporting features

Which reporting solution is the best? Which tool to choose?
These are the question that all companies' managers need to answer in the beginning of firm's existence. Although the choice always depends on customer, there are more and less meaningful features that might influence on the evaluation. Checking and comparing the most important ones is necessary for distinguishing worth-interesting solutions from inappropriate ones.
In the case of Pentaho Reporting, crucial features are good enough not to denounce that we're considering a free, open source software.

It's been told that there are plenty of diverse reporting solutions currently accessible in the market and Pentaho Reporting is only one of them. It's been also pointed that the choice of the best one depends on each customer's needs. Nonetheless, knowing Pentaho's gratuity, we might suppose it to take place in small and medium-sized companies at most. The largest enterprises would still choose paid solutions instead, receiving a full-time professional support in return.