Informatica, founded in 1993 is a ldeader in providing enterprise data integration solutions. It provides applications for the following Data Integration areas:

  • Data Migration - ERP and legacy systems consolidation, new application implementation
  • Data Synchronization - business-to-business data transfer
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Hubs, Data Marts
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

    Informatica PowerCenter components


    The following services form the Informatica PowerCenter processing engine:

  • Integration Service - conducts and implements the ETL logic
  • Repository Service - manages connectivity to the metadata repositories, where mapping and workflow definitions are saved
  • Repository Service Process - retrieves, inserts and updates repository metadata. It is a multi-threaded process.
  • Repository - a database which contains the ETL metadata

    Client Applications

    Informatica client applications are desktop tools used to create transformations, manage metadata, execute ETL processes and monitor them.

  • Designer - a developer tool used for the development of ETL mappings.
  • Workflow Manager - create and start workflows (sequences of mappings)
  • Workflow Monitor - monitors workflows
  • Repository Manager - tool used to manage source/targets connections, folders, objects, users, etc.
  • Administrator console - a web-based tool used to perform domain and repository service tasks (configure services, nodes, perform backups, etc.)


    2010-11-01 15:45:42 by Infa John:
    There's also the Reporting Service in Informatica.
    The Reporting Service is an application service that runs the Data Analyzer application in a PowerCenter domain. You log in to Data Analyzer to create and run reports on data in a relational database or to run the following PowerCenter reports: PowerCenter Repository Reports, Data Profiling Reports, or Metadata Manager Reports. You can also run other reports within your organization.
    The Reporting Service is not a highly available service.
    2010-11-02 15:50:16 by Andrew Adams:
    Depending on the configuration and Informatica installation it can also have other services:
    - Metadata Manager Service
    - SAP BW Service
    - Web Services HUB
    - Reference Table Manager Services