Data Masking in Informatica

Today's organizations base on data stronger than ever before. No longer anything remains intuitive once every decision must be motivated with proper and accurate analysis. However, most today's companies consist of different departments, divisions and sub-companies, usually widely spread geographically. Organizations make huge efforts to secure the data in production environments, however very often non-production environments, such as development, test, or training, are overlooked.
Having said this, the test/dev environments are a potential interesting target to malicious users, especially when the data is sent to an outsourcing or offshore external vendor.

Informatica PowerCenter Data Masking Option is using randomization algorithms which transform production data into realistic looking anonymized data that has nothing in common with reality.
In a very few words, PowerCenter Informatica Data Masking Option ensures that - even if some part of data gets out of the organization - it couldn't be properly understood. What strangers see is faked data that might be looking similarly to their demands.
Even though it's estimated that developing the comprehensive data security system could last even half a year, Data Masking seamless integration with PowerCenter platforms allows to reduce this time significantly. Moreover, hurry does not result in inaccuracy once the time can be shortened due to pre-built components.

The Data Masking tool itself creates functional and production looking data which is used to retain the original data's properties and preserves referential integrity.

Informatica Data Masking components features

From the technical point of view, Informatica Data Masking Option: