Informatica Powercenter weaknesses

Things that make an Informatica developer's life harder and sometimes makes them laugh.

Looking in the internet, we can find a lot of articles on why Informatica is the best etl tool but there's very little information on its weaknesses. Still Informatica Powercenter is a leading ETL tool on the market, however it's far from being perfect. This article covers things that are never revealed on a sales powerpoint presentation level.
This is a compilation of weaknesses of Informatica from the developer's perspective. Hopefully after reading someone will avoid getting into trouble.

Recently on a project I'm taking part in, we migrated and switched from Informatica 8.6.1 to 9.1.0. I was hoping most of the issues described below would be resolved but apparently it's not the case.

Sorting values

Sorting of dates and numbers based on string values. This generally looks like an amateur work. Few examples below:
Informatica Repository Manager - wrongly sorted numbers
Is really 2 a bigger number than 14? :)

And here's how session are sorted in the ascending order by date:
Informatica Repository Manager - dated sorted incorrectly

Lack of sorting in Workflow Monitor

For instance you can't order sessions by Name, Start Time, Completion Time. In fact reading the execution logs is a pain, especially when a workflow has many sessions. By default the sessions are sorted by execution order (start time), however when workflow monitor is loaded when a workflow is still running, the sessions get sorted in a random order.

Workflow monitor

Repository Manager

Moving object from one folder to another.

Let's say we want to copy workflows, sessions, mappings and sources + targets from one folder to another.
If we do it in repository manager using copy & paste method or dragging and dropping the main workflow, all the objects will be copied. But... the problem is that the source filter set on a session level gets reverted to the value from the mapping! So if there's a source filter which limits the data in some way (a where SQL filter statement) it gets wiped out. So be careful when copying the sessions.
It doesn't happen when doing 'export to XML' and 'import from XML' in the repository manager though.
Wouldn't it be handy to be able to choose if the values should be reverted?

Importing XML export files

Importing XML repository export files - the folder selection window when you map folders from the XML file to the available folders. You can't type in the folder name. So you need to click ... and it seems that Informatica reads all the available folders and user's permissions. This is ok, however for me it sometimes takes like 15 minutes to load this window! Way too long.

Mappings and workflows development

Lack of functionality compared to other tools or things that might be improved: