JAVA transformation


Java transformation in Informatica PowerCenter uses Java programming language to transform the data.
It is not necessary to write the entire Java code or use an external Java development environment as the Java code can be entered as snippets in the PowerCenter Designer client.
The code in Java transformation can invoke Informatica's custom expressions, user-defined functions, unconnected transformations and mapping variables. Java methods, variables, third-party API's, built-in Java packages and static code can be invoked as well.
Java transformation can be re-usable and it can be defined as both active or passive Informatica object.
The Java Transformation has four self-explanatory tabs: Transformation (general options), Ports (inputs and outputs in separate groups), Properties (active/passive, deterministic), and Java Code. Once the ports and properties are set, the java code can be entered and compiled from within the designer window. The code window is divided into tab windows which includes:

Then the code snippets get compiled into byte code behind the scenes and Integration Service starts a JVM that executes it to process the data.

Examples / useful tips

Sample Java transformation window:
Java transformation example