PowerCenter Enterprise Grid Option

Numerous users, countless volumes of data, and - simultaneously - constant need for providing timely and accurate data. How is it possible to keep it payable? The answer is PowerCenter Enterprise Grid Option - a solution that's designed for facilitating the process of responding to changing conditions that impact data. Enterprise Grid Option reduces the need for data mapping modifications, making the process faster and easier. With less times there's data mapping modification needed, PowerCenter solutions reduces the overall cost of solution scaling. It's possible thank to supporting enterprise data integration with grid computing architecture.

Enterprise Grid Option features

The key features of PowerCenter Enterprise Grid Option are:

Enterprise Grid Option benefits

While reacting to changing business conditions, every second could be important. Thereupon, PowerCenter Enterprise Grid Option is prepared for shortening the time needed for introducing changes. By allowing differentiated applications to access data resources, Enterprise Grid Option makes a great step forward along its road to ultimate business responsiveness. Deep down the solution, complex but transparent architecture boosts system's reliability. Simultaneously, the IT productivity is enabled to grow.