Informatica PowerExchange for TIBCO

Informatica PowerExchange for TIBCO is an extension in PowerExchange family which widens already quite a wide capabilities of Informatica platform. PowerExchange for TIBCO integrates seamlessly with Informatica PowerCenter and provides comprehensive options for developing integration solutions that meets all the today's organizations requirements. TIBCO thereby plays a role of transport mechanism, after all, and the PowerExchange for TIBCO is more or less a bridge between the PowerExchange applications and differentiated TIBCO message queues. Once broader data access from different sources becomes necessary, TIBCO alone no longer remains sufficient. With strongly restrained capabilities, it cannot read data quickly and efficiently enough, and suiting the solution up to constantly growing requirements is extremely expensive, risky, and - therefore - unprofitable. PowerExchange for TIBCO helps breaking this technical barrier. PowerExchange for TIBCO is designed to allow PowerCenter read and write any TIBCO messages directly. Moreover, it doesn't result in lowered reliability as it remains on the already reserved solely for integrated platforms level.
Additionally, CDC Option makes it possible to capture, enrich, and publish changes in databases without a need for any hand coding. It results in shortened time needed for developing integration interfaces that are easily maintainable and automated. And it no longer is a time difference whether they base on mainframes, midranges, relational databases services oriented architecture (SOA), Web services, nor other applications. And what's the best about Informatica PowerExchange for TIBCO is the fact that it's one product that works using only single set of skills, and it all is enough to access everything that might be needed now or later, when the business conditions change.

What also is important, PowerExchange for TIBCO ensures that all metadata coming from all used sources of data is being shared among all the applications and solutions within the Informatica platform. Thereupon, all the changes that are proposed might be introduced immediately and - what matters - confidentially. By the way, it leads to easier solving the problems which occur during compliance exercises and audits.

Key features of Informatica PowerExchange for TIBCO