PowerExchange for SAP NetWeaver Key Features and Benefits

Today's companies data integration requirements grow in proportion to the number and complexity of different sources which data used for everyday analysis comes from. However, it hardly ever is easy to work out procedures needed for data integration process automation. Logic happens to be complicated and - to ensure sufficient efficiency of integration - experts involvement usually is needed. If that's still not enough to realize the weaknesses of standard data integration solutions, reasonable it would be to think not only about the initial implementation, but also about further maintenance which also is problematical.

Thereupon, the time and cost needed for implementation has to be followed with the efforts needed for adjusting the data integration system once any of its components changes. Evolving environment, upgraded applications, and modified structures - these all are the arguments against stiff data integration.

PowerExchange solution's role is, then, to enable SAP data sourcing and targeting without a need for additional intermediation. It makes any collateral staging tables and message queues equally superfluous.

The best about Informatica PowerExchange solution is that it works like a fully integrated platform. It's easy to develop (with no additional code needed to integrate two interfaces) and bases on set of skills enough to access the most differentiated products. What's more, the integration can be facilitated thank to efficient metadata management. The system collects metadata of all inputted data immediately and spreads it among all the components of the Informatica platform.

Real time Data Integration

The faster data spreads over the organization, the better. Even a few-hour delay might be serious in consequences, therefore waiting for so called nightly windows sometimes is not suggested. To answer the need for immediate data spread, PowerExchange integrates data in a real time. Followed with seamless integration with the rest of Informatica platform and its additional extensions, it results in efficient data integration and transformation.

Codeless development

Data Integration is quite a complex task and truly difficult it happens to keep it free from errors that occur during the process. However, the interface designed exactly for SAP environment is prepared very well for working with multiple SAP sources and targets at the same time. It results in significant data quality enhancements. The problem of different data formats has also been solved, therefore PowerExchange is now prepared for meeting even the most complex industry standards. Finally, it's easy to access and expose web services.

Automated metadata capturing

The more the solution could do automatically, the less attention it requires and the better results it might bring. Thereupon, Informatica PowerExchange is programmed to capture all accessible metadata immediately. Once the metadata is captured, it's next delivered to the repository of Informatica, and - then - spread across other connected systems. The already mentioned metadata:

Wide integration support

Wide SAP NetWeaver integration capabilities: