Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Edition

Every solution has its worse and better releases. The differences between them are the consequence of further upgrades, modifications, and the type of users each release is addressed to. Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Edition platform is designed to take care about data integration. Unlike other editions of the platform, this one is supplied with wide capabilities for real time data operations what makes it more usable to the companies which are placed in dynamically growing and constantly changing markets.

Among many other, the most important features of Informatica platform's Real Time Edition are:

These and other capabilities allow the platform to be used for highly differentiated purposes. In most of cases, then, PowerCenter Real Time Edition is used for data synchronizing and replicating, and data warehousing. Master data management also is important, the same as data migration and data consolidation. Finally, the platform might be used for integrating data across the whole organization.

PowerCenter Real Time Edition features and benefits

Here is what PowerCenter Real Time Edition platform's users might benefit from:

Increasing business agility, and enhancing business performance and cost effective scalability. These are the three areas which PowerCenter Real Time Edition strength is the most visible at. In a very few words, its work can be boiled down to delivering all the data that is needed immediately.
Real time capturing has a meaningful influence on organization's performance. Finally, the advanced scalability capabilities allow the PowerCenter Real Time Edition work well not only in case of quickly growing data volumes, but also when there's more and more concurrent requests at the same time.