Reading and writing null values in Datastage EE

There are a few considerations that need to be taken into account when handling nulls in Datastage:
  • All DSEE data types are nullable
  • Null fields do not have a value. Enterprise Edition NULL is respresented by a special value outside the range of any legitimate Datastage values
  • Nulls can be written to nullable columns only (this setting is specified in the column properties)
  • The Datastage job will abort when a NULL is to be written to a column which does not allow nulls
  • Nulls can be converted to or from a value. For instance, in a Sequential File stage the nulls need to be handled explicitly. A value which will be written instead of a null needs to be specified.
  • In a sequential source stage it is possible to specify values that will be converted to NULLs
  • A stage can ignore Null fields, can trigger an error or other defined action

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