Creating Datastage Jobs

Types of jobs supported by Datastage

Datastage supports a few types of jobs:

Datastage job development process

  1. Import technical metadata which defines all sources and targets - an import tool available in Datastage Designer can be used.
  2. Add stages defining data extractions and data loading (sequential file stages, datasets, filesets, database connection stages). Rename the stages so they match the development naming standards.
  3. Add data transformation stages (transformers, lookups, aggregators, sorts, joins, etc.)
  4. Define the data flow from sources to targets by adding links.
  5. Save and compile the job
  6. Run the job in Designer or Director

Defining job parameters

It is very useful and flexible to use job parameters when designing Datastage jobs. Datastage 8 implements also job parameters sets which let users group the DataStage and QualityStage job parameters and store default values in files.

  • Job parameters are defined in job properties windows
  • Parameters can be used in directory and file names, to specify property values and in constraints and derivations
  • Parameters are defined at runtime
  • Surround parameters with the pound sign (#) to use parameters as file names and properties
  • Job parameters can reference system environment variables