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1.9. How to send notifications from Datastage as a text message (sms) to a cell phone

There is a few possible methods of sending sms messages from Datastage. However, there is no easy way to do this directly from Datastage and all methods described below will require some effort.

The easiest way of doing that from the Datastage standpoint is to configure an SMTP (email) server as a mobile phone gateway. In that case, a Notification Activity can be used to send message with a job log and any desired details. DSSendMail Before-job or After-job subroutine can be also used to send sms messages.
If configured properly, the recipients email address will have the following format: 600123456@oursmsgateway.com

If there is no possibility of configuring a mail server to send text messages, you can to work it around by using an external application run directly from the operational system. There is a whole bunch of unix scripts and applications to send sms messages.
In that solution, you will need to create a batch script which will take care of sending messages and invoke it from Datastage using ExecDOS or ExecSh subroutines passing the required parameters (like phone number and message body).

Please keep in mind that all these solutions may require a contact to the local cellphone provider first and, depending on the country, it may not be free of charge and in some cases the provider may not support the capability at all.

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