Datastage tutorial and training

The tutorial is based on a Datastage 7.5.1 Server Edition

Datastage tutorial TOC:

  • Lesson 1. Datastage-modules - the lesson contains an overview of the datastage components and modules with screenshots.
  • Lesson 2. Designing jobs - datastage palette - a list of all stages and activities used in Datastage
  • Lesson 3. Extracting and loading data - ODBC and ORACLE stages - description and use of the ODBC and ORACLE stages (ORAOCI9) used for data extraction and data load. Covers ODBC input and output links, Oracle update actions and best practices.
  • Lesson 4. Extracting and loading data - sequential files - description and use of the sequential files (flat files, text files, CSV files) in datastage.
  • Lesson 5. Transforming and filtering data - use of transformers to perform data conversions, mappings, validations and datarefining. Design examples of the most commonly used datastage jobs.
  • Lesson 6. Performing lookups in Datastage - how to use hash files and database stages as a lookup source.
  • Lesson 7. Implementing ETL process in Datastage - step by step guide on how to implement the ETL process efficiently in Datastage. Contains tips on how to design and run a set of jobs executed on a daily basis.
  • Lesson 8. SCD implementation in Datastage - the lesson illustrates how to implement SCD's (slowly changing dimensions) in Datastage, contains job designs, screenshots and sample data. All the Slowly Changing Dimensions types are described in separate articles below:
  • SCD Type 1
  • SCD Type 2
  • SCD Type 3 and 4
  • Lesson 9. Datastage jobs real-life solutions - a set of examples of job designs resolving real-life problems implemented in production datawarehouse environments in various companies.
  • Lesson 10. Header and trailer file processing - a sample Datastage job which processes a textfile organized in a header and trailer format.

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